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From the Coast Guard's oldest meme-making service, we are honored to offer a specialty coffee blend that is sure to juice up your mornings (legally, of course). 

We collaborated with @RealCoastGuardMemes to offer what is perhaps our most daring roast yet! In the bag is a highly caffeinated, lightly roasted Arabica/Robusta blend - living up to the name, your mornings will be juiced and ready for whatever Joe Coastie $#!T storm you find yourself in.


  • This is 70/30 Robusta and Arabica blend
  • 70% Colombian Excelso from the Huila region grown at 1670-1950 M.A.S.L.
  • 30% Guatemalan Robusta from the Atitlan region grown at 1350-1550 M.A.S.L.
  • Both beans are washed and sun dried; roasted independently before blended.
  • Light roasted to maximize caffeine while still offering a great taste.


Grapefruit, Cacao, Almond

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