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HBCC supports the women and men who serve in the U.S. Military. It's that simple. It doesn't matter which branch or where you are stationed - we respect the oath that has been taken, and the sacrifice that comes along with it. 

We want to show our support with RED coffee. Each month, we will match BAG FOR BAG the sales of RED Coffee, and send them to an overseas unit. We know it's not much, but it's something, and (almost) everyone enjoys coffee.

This is not a political statement, just a thank you to those who serve overseas. Sometimes even we (active duty and veteran military) forget to honor those who are ensuring our freedoms are maintained. Sometimes it takes an unexpected reminder of how lucky we are to do something impactful. You can help make an impact while enjoying a great bag of coffee.


  • 100% Colombian Arabica from the Tolima region
  • Grown at 1450-1800 M.A.S.L. 
  • Washed and sun dried 
  • Sold as whole bean in 14 ounce bags
  • Low Acidity


    Citrus Fruit, Black Tea

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