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You're not going to stop drinking coffee anytime soon, so stop paying regular prices. With Pre-Paid Coffee, you avoid shipping costs and lock in an unbeatable price on premium fresh roasted coffee by purchasing your bags upfront. 
4 Bags $62.50 22% off
5 Bags $75.00 25% off
6 Bags $87.50
27% off
7 Bags $97.50
30% off
8 Bags $105.00
34% off
10 Bags $120.00 
40% off

"What's the difference between subscription vs. pre-paid?"

Unlike like subscriptions that are automatically delivered at prescribed intervals, Pre-Paid Coffee gives you the flexibility to order whenever you want at a better price. 

"How does it work?"

When you purchase Pre-Paid Coffee, we will send you a unique discount code to be used at checkout.

Place your order from the dedicated Pre-Paid Coffee page, enter the code at checkout, and you're on your way towards receiving great coffee at a fraction of the market price! It's that easy.

"What if I someone else uses my code or I lose/forget it?"

Don't sweat it. We keep track of all purchases and codes - if the address or name of any follow-up orders don't match the original, we'll contact you first to make sure it's legit. If you forget the code, just shoot us a message or email and we'll resend it.

What's the catch? Seriously, what's the point?

The catch is that we don't offer our entire selection as Pre-Paid Coffee. The stock will rotate based on supply/demand simply because it would be too costly to provide all options, but we look forward to expanding our selection as we grow!

*All bags are 12 ounces - product(s) not eligible for discounts, promotions, or donations.

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