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Sometimes success isn't measured by the amount of victories one achieves but rather the amount of failures one overcomes - the relentless pursuit of a worthy goal or ideal despite the obstacles that confront you.

Meet Austin Linney, host of Construct Your Life Podcast

He is a real estate investor and entrepreneur who has battled many demons en route to finding his calling as a mentor. Construct Your Life Podcast focuses on interviewing influential entrepreneurs and other real estate investors to unpack unique stories that will hopefully motivate you (the listener) to face your demons and take action on your goals in life. 

We partnered with Mr. Linney to offer a coffee that helps him fuel his day, and believe us... his days are jam-packed! 

This Honduras specialty-grade coffee is grown at the highest altitudes of the Cordilleras Mountains (1350-1500 M.A.S.L.) , creating a dense, dark-chocolate flavor packed bean. It is traditionally processed and hand-sorted for premium quality. The farms belong to a Co-Op which ensure fair wages and hospitable working conditions, making it one of the most ethically available coffees in Honduras.

A portion of the proceeds will be applied to our charity fund, dedicated to supporting the resiliency of our communities. Thank you for your support!