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Reach your potential. HIIT LAB is the premier indie boutique fitness studio of West Seattle whose owner, Cathy Kerns, shares the same philosophy as us: build a community of independent businesses that can support one another - or in her words - "...a rising tides lifts all boats." That's why a portion of the proceeds from each bag sold will go directly to - an organization devoted to helping individuals impacted by the criminal justice system. Support your local businesses and non-profits while enjoying great coffee along the way!

HIIT LAB specializes in small batch group exercises which (as a small batch, specialty coffee roaster) is something we can truly relate to. Quality over quantity. Check out HIIT LAB and their team of trainers below!


Caffeine is an excellent way to power through a workout. Many supplements include caffeine as an additive to promote energy, but sometimes the cocktail of ingredients also promotes other adverse reactions, including upset stomach. We created these three roasts using a method which reduces the natural acidity of coffee while also capturing the natural savory flavors.

Our light roast will still offer hints of sweetness, but more akin to cinnamon than fruit, and with much lower acidity than a traditional light roast. The medium roast is very well balanced, offering a smooth texture and nutty flavors. The dark roast is the least acidic and offers very rich, earthy flavors with hints of chocolate and molasses. Reach your full potential today through HIIT LAB and HIIT FUEL!

We offer these in 8 ounce and 12 ounce bags, but if you're interested in different options, please contact us at