Holiday Blend
Holiday Blend

Holiday Blend

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This festive blend is comprised of three Latin American origins to capture the seasonal aromas and full-bodied texture of winter. Roasted just a shade beyond medium for peak flavor extraction, the Brazilian bean will offer a smooth chestnutty mouthfeel, while the Honduras will ignite your olfactory with hints of caramel. To round it out, the Colombian adds a subtle hint of chocolate for a uniquely balanced flavor profile.

'Tis the season to snuggle up by the fireplace and sip on this hearty roast. We can't imagine a finer choice for the winter - a perfect option to brew as a French Press, but also great from a drip pot.



Our selection of origins for this blend has been refined from last season's "Christmas Delight" to create a bolder, smoother roast. We replaced the Nicaraguan bean with Colombian which retains a lot more of the chocolate characteristics and less bitterness at this roast level. The Colombian bean is much more forgiving during the roast and compliments other beans very well. Each bean was roasted independently then blended (versus roasted as a blend). The ratio of coffee is 40% Brazilian, 40% Honduras, and 20% Colombian.


Chestnut, Caramel, Chocolate