Vintage 928
Vintage 928

Vintage 928

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Do you miss your neighborhood coffee shop? The aromas of freshly roasted beans? The sounds of espresso and indistinct chatter? We do too. As this year continues to surprise us with the "new normal" way of life, we realized that the world could definitely use a reminder of the "old" days. Who better to reach out to than coffee enthusiast and vintage expert Amy Arbogast


Amy is an entrepreneur from Arizona with a keen eye for amazing collectibles, a passion for photography, an AirBnB superhost, and coffee connoisseur! Check out her Link Tree to see all the hats she wears!

We worked with Amy to offer a roast that defines her vintage style; in a world now defined by reinventing our way of life, it was refreshing to take a step back and offer a classic, medium roasted Sumatra - full bodied, smooth and delicious.

What makes it vintage?

Nowadays, coffee is trending towards fruitier light roasts, and while we do enjoy the occasional mug to start our morning, there's something nostalgic about a bold cup of Sumatra to nourish the soul. The aromas it creates during the grind and brew processes will ignite your senses to bring you back to those days before masks and social bubbles were ever a thought.

Bring the coffee shop home with a bag of V928, and take pleasure in the thought that each purchase will support our Mission Statement fund!