Tools of the Trade: Part 2

Tools of the Trade: Part 2

So you want to make the perfect cup of coffee, eh? Last time we talked about how important grinders are in the process - a consistent and proper grind relative to the brew method is just one consideration across a myriad of variables. So what are some other tools to help achieve the perfect cup of coffee?

Think of Coffee as a Science Experiment

A lot of coffee packaging contain instructions for how to brew a pot of coffee. They usually say something like "add one scoop of coffee for every two cups of water," or something like that. The problem with these ambiguous instructions is that a "scoop" is not a true form of measurement. It's like saying "add a dash of salt" or "just a pinch of cinnamon" - these measurements are guesses that can't offer a consistent result.

This is not a huge deal if you already have a standard coffee scoop that you use every time, but we prefer to use an actual standard - we prefer the gram.

The idea behind using a standardized unit of measurement is to have a repeatable process, much like a science experiment. We prefer the gram as the unit of measurement because it applies to both weight and volume (1ml = 1g). It reduces the confusion of converting ounces to pounds, or cups to liters, etc. Either way, whatever measurable standard you prefer, the idea is consistency.

Tipping the Scales

You probably have guessed by now that the tool we're recommending is a scale. They are really the backbone of making consistently good coffee. Of course, not all scales are created equal. First of all, we do recommend a digital scale. They're relatively inexpensive depending on your willingness to spend, have a minimal countertop presence, and are very accurate (also, does anyone even use a balance scale anymore?!?!)

You can find decent scales on Amazon starting as low as $10, but we do feel that a little more goes a long way. For coffee, a scale that has at least a 1/10 g measurements is ideal. There are many options to choose from, including Bluetooth connected, multi weight, and others, but we like the Black Mirror from TIMEMORE

It's rechargeable, accurate, has a built in timer (great for pour over or French press brewing), comes with a slip mat, simple to use, and is very sleek looking. This is not a sponsored endorsement - we just use and like this one. 

Whatever your brewing method is, consider investing in a scale. We bet you will notice a difference in the results of your coffee. Not to mention, it will probably save you money in the long run.

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