About Us

Who We Are

We are an Active Duty and Prior Service Coast Guard duo who served together in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, from 2013 to 2016 and are very familiar with the daily grind and teamwork vital to success. Equally vital throughout our Coast Guard careers was the fuel to make it through the rigors of military service—coffee. No matter the mission, time of day, or harsh New England weather we faced, coffee was always there to get us through it.

As our lives continued to grow beyond the Coast Guard, the new mission of fatherhood raised our coffee standards. We're no coffee snobs, but we know that a good 'cuppa Joe' makes a difference. The quality of the fuel matters, especially when it's running that well-oiled machine called family. So we roast, we grind, we provide, we stay humble, and of course, we stay caffeinated.

Our Mission

HBCC is our platform for fulfilling a passion. Through coffee, we strive to help support the growth and resilience of our communities, whether it's the local coffee shop looking to personalize their brand or fundraising for a charitable organization. Our namesake has true meaning; we will never forget the helping hands who got us to this point, but also the tireless effort required to see it through.

What does Humble Beginnings Coffee Co. do?

We are a small-batch coffee roaster. We don't have a factory production or full-scale warehouse operation, but between our two locations (Boston, MA, and Ketchikan, AK), experienced owners, and vast professional network, we are able to effectively execute an e-commerce model with international reach. Hopefully one day we'll grow to the size of that factory production, but for now we are a humble operation that is very selective about the beans we use and the profiles we experiment with to be able to offer what we consider to be the best coffee you can get.

Why We Do It

We love coffee. So many great memories, important events, or simple comforts are connected to coffee, and we just want to share our passion for making coffee with your passion for drinking it.

In all honesty, we don't expect our coffee to fly off the shelves. We know our coffee is good, but we also know there are thousands of other options out there just as good, and we encourage you to support any small batch roaster competing against the industry heavyweights. The fact that you are reading this right now is satisfying enough because we know your time is valuable. But not only does your time matter, your fuel matters, so give us a chance to be the fuel for your day. Cheers!