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drink coffee. Save Lives.
Stay Humble. Repeat.


  • RED Coffee
    HBCC supports the women and men who serve in the U.S. Military. It's that simple. It doesn't matter which branch or where you are stationed - we re...
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  • S.A.R. Fuel
    Trust us, we've heard 'em all: Puddle Pirates, Shallow Water Sailors, Baby Navy... you name it. But the fact is, when the $#!t hits the fan at sea,...
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  • Rowdy Sailor
    If there's one thing Coasties know, it's coffee. It's the lifeblood for every Sailor, and the only necessity (other than ones sea legs) to maintain...
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  • Go-Go Juice
    From the Coast Guard's oldest meme-making service, we are honored to offer a specialty coffee blend that is sure to juice up your mornings (legally...
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Because when shit hits the fan, there's no time for shit coffee."

Drink Coffee. Save Money.
Stay Humble. Repeat.

Great Coffee.
Better Price.

Drink Coffee. Crush Life.
Stay Humble. Repeat.


Know a Coastie who's crushing it? Nominate them as Coastie of the Week on our Instagram page for their chance to snag a bag of humility. If they are selected, we will send them a free bag of coffee. No strings attached.

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