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Barrel Aged Coffee (B.A.C.)

Barrel Aged Coffee (B.A.C.)

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Introducing Harbor Hooch Barrel-Aged Coffee!

Not to be confused with the other b.a.c., this drink is completely alcohol-free and safe to drink anytime, anywhere.

Crafted in collaboration with the "Disgruntled Sailors" podcast duo, this specialty Guatemalan coffee is aged in charred oak whiskey barrels for 30 days before being roasted to a medium profile.

Every cup is a unique experience. With a massive range of taste notes, your senses will enjoy the complex journey of caramel and vanilla, followed by a touch of toasted oak and whiskey undertones.

And as with all coffees in our Coastie Collection, “Harbor Hooch” carries on the tradition of giving back to our service. A portion of every sale goes directly to the Coast Guard charities; we donate to both the Coast Guard Foundation and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance as well as other Coast Guard entities, units, and associations.

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