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Rowdy Sailor

Rowdy Sailor

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If there's one thing Coasties know, it's coffee. It's the lifeblood for every Sailor, and the only necessity (other than ones sea legs) to maintaining ones bearings while underway. 

We at Humble Beginnings teamed up with another Coast Guard owned business - Rowdy Sailors - to offer a coffee fit for Neptune himself. This specialty Brazilian medium roast is packed with rich, natural flavors and intoxicating aromas. 

Here's the best part; as an affiliate of the Coast Guard Foundation, we are proud to say that every bag purchased will contribute towards our mutual interest to support Coast Guard servicemembers and their families. This collaboration of forces is a win-win, so don't hesitate to get Rowdy!


  • Single origin sourced from various farms across the Cerrado Mineiro region.
  • 950-1200 M.A.S.L. - lower altitudes produce softer, faster maturing beans
  • European Processed (EP) - hand separated to remove most defects from batch
  • Subtle acidity


Cashew, milk chocolate, honey molasses



This bean is a good all-rounder that serves well in most methods. Using a filtered method, it makes a great clean cup with balanced earthy taste notes. As an immersion brew (French Press), the chocolate notes take over for a full-bodied experience.

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