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French Vanilla

French Vanilla

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Combining a fantastic medium roasted blend with the subtle touch of vanilla, we're excited to offer a timeless coffee experience. Ensnare your senses with our French Vanilla roast and enjoy the magic.

Although the French Vanilla flavoring technique used today did derive in France, the concept of adding vanilla to coffee did not - this distinction is credited to the Turks who used vanilla to minimize the bitterness of coffee. Today, cultivation and roasting processes have improved so much that bitterness is not the threat it once was; however, the delights of vanilla are still very much in demand.


  • 100% Arabica blend of Latin American origin
  • The composition varies by batch 
  • Beans are blended prior to the roasting process
  • Natural flavoring is added post-roast while beans are cooling 


Vanilla, Nougat, Almond

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