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S.A.R. Fuel

S.A.R. Fuel

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Trust us, we've heard 'em all: Puddle Pirates, Shallow Water Sailors, Baby Navy... you name it. But the fact is, when the $#!t hits the fan at sea, there's really only one answer for who that call goes out to. We've been there in the wee hours of the morning and the darkest of nights. We've battled through the bitter cold, stomach churning swells, gale force winds, and every other harsh condition to do what we do better than any other maritime entity - save lives. Forgive our lack of humility... there's no feeling more humbling than realizing the difference between someone going home or not might very well be you. Sometimes you have to acknowledge that responsibility with arrogance.

We know the Coast Guard is more than just Search and Rescue, and we're proud of every mission we perform. S.A.R. Fuel was developed for the women and men who need a no-nonsense roast that will be ready for anything at any time - Sempter Paratus, if you will. This dark roast 6-Bean Blend is full-bodied and smooth, offering a balance of savory and sweet no matter how strong the brew. 

And to support our Coast Guard members and their families, $1.49 will be donated to the Coast Guard Foundation for every bag of S.A.R. Fuel sold, up to $5,000. At a minimum, Humble Beginnings Coffee will donate $100 annually to the Coast Guard Foundation. This HBCC fundraising campaign for the Coast Guard Foundation started in 2021, and will continue until further notice. Thank you for your support!

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