Colombian Supremo

Colombian Supremo

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The world needs balance. When it comes to coffee, there is nothing quite like a well-balanced medium roast. Just enough character to get the day started, and just enough body to nourish the soul. We knew that in our travels about the world for the finest medium roast coffee, we needn't look any further than Colombia.

This classic artisan bean is one of the most popular in the world for its consistent flavor and smooth finish - it's a great balance of fruity sweetness and earthy milk chocolate boldness. 

The high altitudes and ideal range of micro-climates support year round growth of quality coffee. "Supremo" refers to the size of the bean, which is the largest variety of Colombian coffee. It is perhaps the most recognized name in the coffee world, but often misidentified in packaging. 

Colombian Supremo beans are so good that they are widely used to blend with inferior coffee beans (especially other Colombian varieties). It is an important distinction to claim a product is 100% Colombian "Supremo" rather than what is more commonly seen - 100% Colombian. 

Although this bean is good at just about every roast level, we believe it thrives at a medium roast. Expect orange-like citrus balanced with a earthy/nutty body.


Pour Over - 22g Coffee to 400g Water

Drip Pot - 60g coffee to 8 Cups Water

French Press - 35g Coffee to 700g Water