Indonesian (Organic)

Indonesian (Organic)

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Our quest to offer a collection of the finest coffee beans has taken us all over the world. The South Pacific is no stranger to superb coffee. Indonesia - known for it's rich volcanic soil and year round tropical climate - leads the pack (in our humble opinion) as the regions premier coffee producing nation.

From the Kintamani Highlands of northern Bali, this 100% Arabica coffee is our top dark roast choice. It's toffee-like aroma and flavors of black cherry, walnuts and semi-sweet chocolate are as distinct as they are complex. Your taste buds will be jazzed with excitement.

The coffee is grown at altitudes between 1100 and 1300 meters, otherwise known as "High Grown" coffee. At these altitudes, the cherry from which the bean is extracted takes longer than lower elevation crop to mature, enriching the bean within with more of the nutrients in the soil. This volcanic loam, situated between the Batukaru and Agung volcanoes, is prized for producing the earthy, nutty, and chocolatey tones iconic of Indonesian coffee. The coffee cherries are then hand-picked and sorted by the farmers, and sent to be de-pulped and dried in what's known as the "semi-wet" or "semi-washed" process - a truly amazing craft to witness. 

And the local laws of Indonesia forbid the use of pesticides on any agriculture, making this coffee 100% certified organic.


Pour Over - 20g Coffee to 400g Water

Drip Pot - 55g coffee to 8 Cups Water

French Press - 35g Coffee to 850g Water