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There are many factors to consider when seeking a delicious light roast coffee, but a good starting point is the altitude in which it is grown. That's why in our quest to find the most ideal light roast, we explored the volcanic peaks of Tanzania - home of Mount Kilimanjaro. Here, coffee grows at altitudes between 1500 - 1600 meters, creating nutrient-dense and flavor-packed beans.

Not to be confused with the Peaberry, this 100% Arabica light roast hails from the Hai district of Kilimanjaro and boasts complex fruity sweetness with soothing aromas to challenge your senses. Some of the tastes identified are pear and strawberry with floral, jasmine-like aromas. We've taken this bean to a edge of the light roast profile to slightly reduce the citric acidity while still maintaining the mouth watering juiciness. 

The beans are extracted from the cherry using the washed method, offering a very clean and crisp cup of coffee once brewed. With Ethiopia often dominating the light-roast spotlight, we wanted to offer the unique and underrated excellence of this Tanzanian bean for a different perspective of what we enjoy in a light roast. We're confident you wont be disappointed.