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Calling All Coasties!

Hook up your coffee mess with fresh roasted coffee at a great deal, all while supporting a great cause.

We've teamed up with the Coast Guard Foundation to offer three great roasts to provide to your units at a price that can't be beat. Even better is that each purchase of unit coffee will contribute towards the Coast Guard Foundation. The Skipper will be pleased to know that the coffee mess will be giving right back to Coast Guard members and their families.

Choose between our BRAVO-ZULU Light Roast, MISSION READY Medium Roast or our OPS: NORMAL Dark Roast - all beans are specialty grade, roasted fresh, and much better than the stuff you're probably getting at the grocery store. Trust us, we know... that's why we started roasting coffee!

It's damn near impossible to collect all the logos of the units throughout our service personally, so we are hoping you could help us out with that. If you're interested in supplying your unit with custom label coffee, upload a file of your unit's logo through this product page; if you don't have access to it, just shoot us an email to info@hbcoffeeco.com and we can take care it.

The prices reflected are literally the best deals we can offer, which include taxes and shipping costs. We know how the CG works so our prices and invoices are CS, XO, CO, OIC & XPO friendly. Also, before any coffee is shipped, we will need to contact you directly to make sure you actually belong to the unit... you know... trust but verify.

Thanks for your support and please spread the word!


*5-pound minimum order can be packaged in 12 or 16 ounce bags

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