Ambassador Collection

Have you ever wondered what fuels determination?

Through the power of community, we are pleased to offer our Ambassador Collection - featuring up and coming social icons and local legends. No one understands the importance of humility and hard work more than those who have started from nothing on their way to success, and we wanted to build a team to help us spread our message.

We worked with each of our Ambassadors to select a coffee that best defines them so that they could share their morning experience with you. Each selection is unique, so have a look at their descriptions to learn a bit more about what inspires them.

But we at HBCC aren't just about the coffee. Our "beyond coffee" philosophy  means giving back to our communities. Whether it's towards an Ambassador-chosen charity or an organization of our choice, this effort will help us take the next step in realizing our mission to support the resiliency of the businesses and organizations that make a difference. Thank you for your support!